UKI UKI is a project created by Berlin based artists Tomomi Senda (Tomoching) and Thomas Lambillotte (Marge de manoeuvre).

Tomomi Senda is a Japanese artist who works in sculpture and installation art, she is also active in web design, graphic design, fashion products. Her work is based on conceptual art and shows some attributes of trash art, pop art, minimalism.

Thomas Lambillotte is a French artist who works in laser light programming.


We create our installation under the theme of the world’s plastic problem over the past couple of decades.
The widespread use of plastic began just around Second World War. This material quickly became prevalent in society within the economic growth and through people’s desire for convenient lifestyle in every country. This durable, lightweight and low-cost material played a important key to support mass productions and its expansion.
Today the activity against the world’s plastic problem is growing as the fast fashion brands take a huge role in people’s daily life. We would represent conceptual art using plastic hangers, combined with laser light projection to create sculptural works of art.





This project was created under the theme of starry night and the universe we live in.
The guests “to hang out” under the stars and lights. It can be used as a place as meeting point, since it’s easy for people to spot the location of stars. Also we hope this place to be the base ground to connect people with each other, as the group of stars forms the constellation.
We would like to ask guests to look up the night sky and take a moment to be aware of the fact, that the Earth is facing the problem and all humankind are relevant to this theme.




1 module

/ 5 poles height 4m and metallic wire

/ Diameter 3m, that will support the stars

/ 1 module : diameter 2,20m / weight 0,5kg

Lights provided : 1 laser 4W RGB with sdcard slot
Power : 220VA x 1 (total 200W)

6 modules

/ 5 poles height 4m and metallic wire

/ Diameter 10m, that will support the stars and the 5 lasers

/ 6 modules : diameter 6,60m / weight 3kgs

Lights needed : 5 lasers 1,5w - 2W RGB with sdcard slot, with 20kpps scanner minimum
Power : 220VA x 5 (total 1KW – 1,5KW max)

*Attached are images of 6 modules.

*We request assistance in preparing installation art. It would be a great help if we could borrow lasers and if you could help to build poles. It may be possible to stimulate positive relationship between us.


2019  MOYN MOYN – Ein Festival im Norden / Backsberg, Germany

VIDEO : Impressions of Moyn Moyn 2019


2019   Artlake Festival / Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf, Germany

VIDEO : Artlake Festival 2019 – Aftermovie




We are looking for potential project partners to expand our activities.

Please let us know If you can work with.



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A seed flies in the wind will sprout anew in the earth.

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